"I'm Nothing, but I'm Everything" by Boyut Publishing Group. 480 pages. Color. Hard Cover. Monography about the work of Bedri Baykam covering the years 1959-1999 With special essays by Beral Madra, Levent Calikoglu, Mehmet Erguven, and excerpts from articles by Peter Selz, Talat Halman, Ozdemir Altan, Hasan Bulent Kahraman, Vasif Kortun and many others. The illustrated history of the whole career of Bedri Baykam with over 700 photos and color slides of artworks. His book includes the video-cd of the documentary film on the life and work of Bedri Baykam, directed by American filmmaker Stefan Svetiev (1999). The short version of 57 minutes is included in this book. The main film is 110 minutes and comes in English and Turkish versions. This documentary includes images from Baykam's artistic, political and personal life, between 1959 and 1999 as well as interviews with critics friends and family of the artist.

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