This is a rough (or maybe troublesome, you decide) article. From the moment it is printed, until the moment it reaches you in the morning, all the cards can be redistributed, and the world may face brand new disasters. There are millions of people living in agony right now…


There are hundreds of thousands of people shedding tears while breaking apart at the borders. Everything we've learned from history books and movies about World War II has paraded before our eyes in the last eight days. The bodies of children are being removed; Young women and men die under bombs. There are also 19-year-old young Russian soldiers who are not even aware why they went to Ukraine to fight; They either take a bullet in their brains or they are taken as prisoners somewhere, before they get a chance to understand the words of their commander who said, "You are going there to be welcomed as an hero." Their commanders, on the other hand, are trying to make spit blood an entire nation that is supposed to be “their relatives”, with the orders they receive from the Kremlin. Hundreds of thousands of people are struggling to leave their homes on any train, leaving major cities, regardless of where that train is even going. Millions of people stare at each other with hopeless eyes, starving, thirsty, without even finding a toilet, freezing from the cold. Until yesterday, these were battle scenes in documentaries. But it only takes one madman to shift the pivot of the world. History has always been written like this…


The young leader Zelensky, whom many people constantly mock as a "comedian", stands out as someone who is admired by the world and who does not hesitate to sacrifice his life for freedom without giving up on Russia's disproportionate threats. Presumably, some people were disastrously upset by this situation, because the ostentatious insults they had prepared on his behalf were ruined!


The historical sentence that shows the greatness of my leader, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk "peace at home, peace in the world", is so pure, philosophical, and uncompromising that it embraces the whole world order... What upsets me most is the following: Some people who have tried to convince their circle of people how much of a Kemalist they are, now offer justifications from another monster to declare innocent a monster that bombed a whole country with millions of people innocent! They are trying to explain a bombing race that is incompatible with peace and human rights with geopolitical and strategic scenarios, with the logic they put forward. However, I have no contradictions. I did not just watch the US send millions of innocent people to their deaths in Iraq in 2003; I was at the forefront of those who fought against them with all my might and gathered national and international petitions. We must approach every fascist-dictatorial-religious-imperialist regime with the same courage as we know how to name American imperialism and deal with it from a historical perspective. For me, there is not a gram of difference between Khomeini who hanged on cranes the leftists they deceived, Stalin who sent the opposition intellectuals to their deaths in masses, and Hitler who swore to genocide the Jews and all his enemies. Nor are they more or less guilty in my eyes than Bush, who returned after killing as many as 1,500,000 Iraqis on his way to search for so-called weapons of mass destruction! Putin voluntarily jumped into that same band wagon. Please don't tell me stories. The geostrategic paranoia that sent tens of thousands of innocent people to their deaths can be an invented valid excuse for any war for anyone. There is no end to it. Moreover, he does not shy away from raising the nuclear threat for eventual mass destruction. If you think that because the country he represents is the center of the former socialist world, that will limit my criticism rights, you are very wrong!

In Turkey, there are people who take all their positions according to America. They believe they can only be on the opposite side of the USA, whatever the issue is. I am not one of them. I have my own truths. A compass pointing only to America can't pinpoint my route.

Dear left-wing opposition friends, if it was American imperialism that carried out these despicable attacks, you would have made the heavens cry, as we did together at that time... But now in these days of killing children and civilians, I see your sentences starting with “War is a very bad thing, but….”. What's the matter? What happened? If you don't make a note of history, history will make an indelebile note of your passivity... There is no state terrorism or war crime that you can tolerate, or excuse or affirm or forgive!


“NATO and the EU took the former Warsaw Pact members into their own borders. They made Russia very angry!”. So, has it ever occurred to Russia to think about the question “Why did these countries that are considered my younger brothers run away from me like this?” If Russia still hasn't found the answer to this question through history, it should try asking itself again! Why did people tie themselves under trains to escape to West Berlin? Why was their freedom more important to people than anything else? Or should freedom remain a mere asset of the privileged worlds of the Communist Party members? Isn’t it obvious, why they fled? See Ukraine! See 1968 Czechoslovakia!

These are sentences you are not used to hearing. Because religious fascism or the imperialism of wild brutal capitalism or the fascism of Hitler or Mussolini or the imperialism of the Soviet Bloc, that is now Russia, are not different from each other in my eyes. The unfortunate thing is that the largest polar bears in the world, normally growl and neutralize each other. However, when one of the two big bears hibernates, the other ravages the square by finding it empty, and thus we are rapidly moving away from an environment of peace or at least away from a "war-free" zone!


That's why Mustafa Kemal is such a great leader. Today, the world still discusses the issue through Montreux, his work together with, İnönü and Tevfik Rüştü Aras, and puts it on its agenda to say "stop" to the attacks that could came from the Bosphorus. The philosophy, political ideology, and route of Kemalism embraced both the 21st century and the third millennium. But the ideologies I have mentioned have not been able to break away from their contradictory swamps full of their contradictory ideological baggage as well as their and interest related garbage, as they continue to shed blood on the world at every turn...

By the way, I ask those who say "America has left Ukraine alone": Would they have applauded if America tried to protect the Ukrainians with its military might? The fact that people are keen to applaud or boo the situation to justify their own ideology and ideas makes things even more unsolvable. Wherever you are in all these confrontations, whether you are right-wing, left-wing, or communist, do not support any operations that will inflict death, drama, and trauma on children...

Post Date: 03.02.2022
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