(Published in Cumhuriyet daily on January 12, 2023) We've known for a long time that there are people unfortunately trying to pull the nails out of this country. Let's not forget that the Republic founded by Atatürk, thanks to its logic, strong roots, and unshakable structure, stands up against everything and shows a strong resistance, hard... Read More
“We had warned them”, “We had no choice”, “NATO was besieging us”. Putin and Putinists talk about this scenarioas if they are referring to a scorpion cornered by fire, which is almost cornered by fire, with such a misty-eyed and convincing logic that one can directly think of the George Bush of twenty years ago. He also entered Iraq under the... Read More
So, it is said that Turkey will set sail to a democratic, free, just and humane life with human rights and the new constitution pack? AKP, the governing party that has ruled Turkey for the last 19 years, must be burning with a great desire for human rights that suddenly awakened within itself and initiated this by saying “Hey, how could we neglect... Read More
After the chaotic sightings in the West, I started considering about this new “hybrid” face of the world, which occurs to be a blend of the 1st and the 3rd world, created by the USA and France, I thought about more cliché and key terms like “the 4th or the 5th world” to describe this new face, however, I noticed that even these and similar terms... Read More
On one hand, especially the ruling party (AKP) complains, saying “Why can’t the national unity be realized as desired by us?” and on the other, the hand of the opposition leader is not being shaken at Anitkabir (Atatürk’s Mausoleum) on the Republic Day and Atatürk’s name is not mentioned in the sermons of the Presidency of Religious Affairs and... Read More
Apart from İmamoğlu, there is a crowd that we should be thankful for the enthusiasm we indulge in. Binali Yıldırım, who would not accept the facts after losing the March elections and İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB) addicted unearned income - interest groups and ATM circles, who dispatched even Tayyip Erdoğan to re-election on fabricated... Read More
Dear Mr. President, I was amongst those who approved of the prior decision of The Republican People’s Party’s (CHP) not to participate in the Democracy Rally you held in İstanbul. This was due to your undependable attitude towards the concept of democracy over the years. However, your insistence on “unity and solidarity of the country and the... Read More
The police forces of AKP, have led serious attacks against the secular democrat crowds that have been protecting the Gezi Park in Istanbul's Taksim Square and last saturday have cleared the Gezi Park by evacuating the Park by using brutal force, tear gas and pressurized water sheds. Since then during the whole week end Turkey has been a... Read More
Turkish democracy is going through its brightest, yet most critical and most important period. For over a week the Turkish people have been standing up for their rights and rediscovering the dignity of living as a free person.  The Gezi Solidarity Movement, which is responsible for my having been gassed and exposed to... Read More
We are experiencing one of the largest and most rapturous grassroots movements in the history of Turkey. There is not only the civil society and young people on the streets. Aunts, high school students, rockers, the unemployed and workers, everyone is gathered in the town squares to scream the place down shouting “Tayyip Resign!”. The people, with... Read More
On Sunday. 4500 patriots who jammed the ‘Bostancı1 Performance Hall’ spent a very satisfying day enjoying a great organization realized by the ‘Artists Initiative’. Amongst those that made a mark on this six-hour-long marathon between 5:30 - 11:30 pm, were some of the most important artists of the country. This ‘Grand Meeting’ was such a big... Read More
1. According to your website, your childhood seems absolutely incredible, as you were exhibited at a very young age and traveled all over Europe. How did you discover art, and, what’s more, what childhood moments influenced and continue to influence your work? -My childhood was quite unique in a way. I was probably the child prodigy in art that... Read More
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