“We had warned them”, “We had no choice”, “NATO was besieging us”. Putin and Putinists talk about this scenarioas if they are referring to a scorpion cornered by fire, which is almost cornered by fire, with such a misty-eyed and convincing logic that one can directly think of the George Bush of twenty years ago. He also entered Iraq under the imperatives of some similar desperation (!) with the fallacy of "There are weapons of mass destruction in this country", ignoring universal law and the United Nations, and then killing one and a half million people and had just walked out taking his jacket!

Contemporary Putinists almost praise and tell a story that “Russia has in fact the power to kill millions, but they didn't" In other words, Russia was content with only killing thousands of people, I think that they should be awarded with Nobel Peace Prize! But for now, Norway better ignore Kremlin spokesman Peskov's threats "If we see a threat to our existence due to the internal security strategy, we can use nuclear weapons as well"! That doesn’t look elegant right?


First the American and then the Russian imperialisms have already shrouded the third millennium into full darkness. I always say that being a civilized country is not correlated with wealth, technological superiority, or even reaching a very high level of art and philosophy. As long as they perceive civilization as developing inventions that will kill people more and more as well as faster and being able to use those, they cannot go beyond being a miserable, cruel piece of history garbage. The "hypersonic (dagger) missiles" that destroyed ninety percent of the Russian city of Mariupol are not their pride, they are devices of impotence that bear their misery. Exertions of a sick and megalomaniacal typology that supposedly wants to "make Russia great and strong again", to bring its name to the level of some of the most besmirched dictators of the twentieth century. If you ask me, the United Nations should start by judging the USA and Russia as the stigmatic countries of the twentieth century and should force them to pay compensations of billions and trillions of dollars for the damage they have inflicted on the Middle East and Ukraine…

We are in 2022 and everyone has a camera; every grain of this war is recorded second by second. It turns out to be the most comprehensive record of carnage, suffering and brutality in history. It seems that Russia still has not realized that the gigantic crimes against humanity it has committed are thus now recorded all over the world forever. Moments, where deaths, births, pain and love are mixed together, are being experienced in every street in Kyiv, Kharkiv and Mariupol as if coming out of a movie scene. The heroic stories we see around this country are all true.


If the roof of the man's house is leaking, he calls the doorman at midnight to say "what a disgrace!". If the neighbor's dog runs upstairs and barks a little too much, a woman creates a scene and calls the manager or the police station. Some partners even argue over the fact that there is no milk left in the refrigerator. But right now, three and a half million Ukrainians running around hungry and miserable with small bags in their hands, for some reason, do not concern some. Because the war news that catch our eye between some more Second World War movies and sports or stock market news that we have been watching for years now overlap each other. Wars are watched for 16 hours a day only for the first three days, then this rate gradually decreases. Today, as we have completed the first month of the war, 90% of the people on earth have turned back to their own problems and as you can see, "an ember burns only wherever it falls".

Mothers who were injured in bombed maternity hospitals but unfortunately could not be saved with their babies before their stories reached a happy ending, Olga Semidyanova, mother of 12 children, six of whom were adopted, who died in the conflict, Sasha Kuvshynova, who was killed while trying to cover news, Pierre Zakrzewski, Sergey Perebeynos, saying "Forgive me, my love, I couldn't protect you" to his wife and children who were killed and lying in full length on the street, , millions of families torn apart, perhaps never to meet again, at train stations, on the borders of Poland, poor people searching for missing family members among the corpses piled up to be thrown into the graves dug in the streets, the world famous ballet dancer Artem Datsishin, who was killed at the age of 43, Anastasiia Lenna Miss Ukraine left her throne and blindly joined the army with the rifle she took and stratified theaters that are now used as the bomb shelters in the midst of all this…


There are Russian intellectuals, journalists and artists who resisted by taking every risk the fascist rulers of their country in regards of the despicable human rights violations and murders... I am raising my hat and saluting each and every one of those beautiful people who resisted at the risk of being beaten brutally during their protests or being tried with 15 years for opposing thems the war. Marina Ovsyannikova, who almost declared open war on the Kremlin by holding the no war banner on Russian television, Maria Baronova, who resigned from the Russian official television RT in the most reckless manner… These resignations still keep coming and coming. They are real intellectuals who, unlike the unconscious, romantic, utopian so called “socialists”, are trying to stop this massacre by risking all their life and comforts in their homeland. These real enlightened and the “obscures” are clearly differentiated with their stands to those goddamn cruel bombs that are raining down on the cities. History, sooner or later, will ask “What did you do during the war?” to everyone. And real intellectuals, like today's American intellectuals who are ashamed of this past Vietnam War as well as the Iraq War, are busy accumulating candid evidence that they are acting on behalf of humanity without self-interest so that they can proudly defend their position tomorrow when today’s black days are held accountable.


Being responsible for the death of a single person is in itself a colossal crime. Putin, who will be responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of people, including civilians today, and hundreds of thousands of people tomorrow, and who is responsible also for those ignoble threats of nuclear missels, is a war criminal who should already be tried when we remember the heavy weapons he used, the hospitals he bombed, the people of Mariupol that he is insidiously trying to starve to death. People who died, those who were seriously wounded, had their limbs cut off, were forced to leave their homes and migrated, are not just statistical data. Each of these humans are like “Anne Franks” or “Seyit Corporals” with a name, a life and a story. Those "volunteers" who left their beautiful lives and went to fight alongside the Ukrainians are names that will rise to legendary novel heroes for me. Because they know that the children watching this war with bewildered eyes will ask the heaviest questions to the responsible adults of this world in the future. On the other hand, some “leftists”, whose brains are imprisoned, didn’t have the heart to stand with these brave volunteers and the war protesters all over the world, including Russia. On the day they can get out of the swamp of thought they have fallen into, the feeling they will carry will turn into a heavy shame against themselves. But it will be too late for them.

Regardless of the military and political outcome of this war, the world will immortalize the Ukrainian heroes with statues, plays, novels and paintings in the long run; Those who go down to history with their confusion, sometimes by belittling the upright stance of those heroes, sometimes by mocking them, sometimes ignoring them and slandering them with fabricated logic and news, will not be able to find any recipe that will make them forgive themselves.

Post Date: 24.03.2022
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