Guerilla Carries No Umbrella Book Description

World-renowned painter and writer Bedri Baykam's 30th book “Guerilla Carries No Umbrella” (Guerrilla Has No Umbrella) is meeting with the readers under the label of Piramid Publishing. The book, which is released in English, consists of two parts, art and politics. In addition to Baykam's published articles and interviews, Guerilla Carries No Umbrella also includes manifestos written by the artist on the rights of non-Western artists, which he has defended since his time in America.

Turkish modern and contemporary art, artist-curator tensions in the Turkish art scene, the polemics and answers created by the artist's huge "Empty Frame", the prediction of the September 11 attacks by the novel Bone, the artist's struggle for the World Art Day and making it accepted by UNESCO and " Bedri Baykam's Art History Map” are some of the titles in the art section of the book.

In the section on politics, Baykam's struggles against fundamentalism and 2nd Republicanism in Turkey, his candidacy for CHP Chairman, his support for his fellow writers in the Ergenekon trials, his open letters to the French and American parliaments, his articles on the Gezi events, the CHP. 's criticism and comments about the Presidential candidates, and the open letters he wrote to Erdogan and Obama.

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