Painterly Matters
25.10.2019 - 18.11.2019
opening: 25.10.2019, Friday 18.00

Bedri Baykam is meeting art lovers from Ankara in Gallery Siyah Beyaz between 25.10 - 18.10.2019, with hisexhibition entitled “Painterly Matters”.

Bedri Baykam, who opened his last exhibition at Gallery Siyah Beyaz, with the title of “Arkabahçe” (Backyard) in 2016, will exhibit his works from 2017, 2018 and 2019 in this exhibition entitled “Painterly Matters”, which is considered as the continuation of “Backyard”. In addition to Baykam's canvas works, the exhibition, which also includes an installation, has strong traces from the artist's own history of painting and divides this history intolayers, both technically and conceptually. “Painterly Matters”, not only reveals the distance of the artist from repetition and his deliberate referrals to selected references, but it also presents a series in which the artist blends the different techniques he has used from the past to the present, to the viewer.

“Bedri Baykam'ın Sanat Tarihi Haritası” (Bedri Baykam’s Art History Map), which presents the world's artmovements and the relationship of artists with each other and their genealogy in the most understandable manner by discussing especially the last 700 years of the universe since the Renaissance in great detail, will also be presented to the viewer for the first time in Ankara during this exhibition. Within the scope of the exhibition, a conversation session will be held, in which Bedri Baykam will speak about his Art Map.

Bedri Baykam's exhibition, “Painterly Matters” can be visited at Gallery Siyah Beyaz from 25 October through 18 November 2019.

For further information

Gallery Siyah Beyaz
Kavaklıdere Street 3/1-2 Şili Square - Ankara, Turkey

t. +90 312 467 7234


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