I remember life. I remember my models. Lisa, Holly, Angélique, Olivia, Novella, etc. I remember my materials. I remember Kehoe Beach, the waves. Timefree zones. I remember Depeche Mode. I remember my affairs in the late afternoon. I remember endless skies. I remember the satin sheets. Coleen and her baby. I remember Calif. I remember all the strip-tease. I remember the cocteasers and the sparkling love juice. Danks Perfecto. I remember do you remember? There Goes My Youth. I remember the Turk. In the dense afternoons. For a Good Time Call Esther. I remember heavy $5 bills. I remember, cobalt blue and cadmium red. Diil. Yellow light hansa. Contrasts of texture. I remember wet pussies. And dogs. Hold it. I remember Pattaya Beach. I remember German girls. For a few dollars more. Turn your back again and again. No, sunsets are better. Never listen to the girl. Breathe deeper. Lean on me. I remember day dreams and light sleeps. I’m all surrounded by girly plots. Walks on 42nd street. Holly, Holly, Hawaii. I remember those breasts. Cinnamon Candida. Sculpture of the soul.You know what? Tip’s included. Rinsomatic Trap my friend. Please wear my shirt tonight. I better touch you now. You can sleep at my place. Forget me not, after tomorrow. Yes Sir, I can boogie. You dirty young man. I remember College Avenue, Berkeley. Have you seen City Mermaids? He Had Lipstick On His Face. But she was a knock-out. Didn’t I tell you that God was right? Yes we can play shadow games but please come by appointment only. Did it really hurt? Oh shit! When was the last time you waited for the buzzer? I wish I could take you into my time-machine. And take you to places without assholes. Jozet, do you prefer to be my mistress or my translucide date? Yes, there goes my youth. I Can Get No Satisfaction. Will you strip for me before it’s time to go? Just for the heck of it. Just for a change. Electric eyes. Hang me in the clouds. Can you spread a little wider? This room needs more light. Can I introduce you Mr. Selim Targan? He is waiting to become an all time hero. I don’t. I want to be in there again. This is a suicidal picture. Can you squeeze me in your dreams? It’s all wet. Excuse me, but I have all the rights here. Let me show you all my things. You’ll like them. The ocean has more power than you and me together. I remember Australia. Let me put it this way. That’s all I can say for now. You don’t scare me you know. Iconographic fucks. Rumor has it that she’s into gals now. Bend over untill the bone. Coconut and chocolate chip cookie’n cream please. All American spread. Butterfly. Take her, it’s a gift. I remember Leo Par ›s. Narrow boudoirs. Can I peep into your room? We don’t need guards in here. Are you still cold? I’ll have Coke afterwards. No, I have never had a déjà vu. It all happens here and now. For a better time call Toni. This coffee is luke warm. Try again. It’s worth it. Let me consume you forever.