April 16-May 31, 2021

Opening: Friday, April 16 | 12:00-20:00


What does a person lose?

The things that we call lost ideas, are they flying out of our minds?

Or are they our time, youth or health?

Or are they our memories, those moments that we call "we have lived"?

-Sinan Eren Erk
(from Studio’s Lost and Found Catalog)


Bedri Baykam’s 143th solo show titled Studio’s Lost & Found opens at Piramid Sanat

Studio's Lost & Found is an exhibition in which the artist "publicizes" his studio and invites the audience to his privacy. While each of the works carries the pieces, memories, and DNA of Baykam's studio, the intimacy mentioned is presented to the audience in doses determined by the artist. Baykam states that the series started "with the trigger of the studio" and he adds by saying to Sinan Eren Erk during the interview for the catalog: "Well, for long years, there were these remains of my life scattered all over the studio, some parts of my Map (Bedri Baykam’s Art History Map), remains of material laying around for some previous work of mine, some photographic fragments… Somehow, they all came together and said, “Hey, what have we done to deserve this, why don’t we join the world of art history? That’s basically how I started; those things, they literally spoke to me."

Baykam, who continued to hold exhibitions all around the world such as Berlin, Kiev, and Los Angeles after the Backyard Series (2016), which was also premiered in Istanbul, will meet again with art lovers again in his hometown with Studio’s Lost & Found, which consists of his works produced in 2017-2021.

Sinan Eren Erk determines the framework of the exhibition in his article, based on the concepts of "losing", "finding" and "forgetting". He states that "In his new exhibition titled Studio’s Lost & Found the artist presents to his audience a journey, the method of which is once again determined by him, into the depths of his mind. In this series, Baykam takes a journey between times by putting his own mind on important moments of art history and rereads the past in this process. However, this reading also resembles a chess game he plays against his own life: Baykam against Baykam again!" and adds "Hereby, all the works of the Studio’s Lost & Found turn into a series of visual letters the artist wrote to himself in different moments of his past that go against the flow of time. And the artist is aware that this man he never lost, ergo does not need to be found again, is reading, watching and interpreting all of these. He considers his memories jointly with the past of art and transforms alternative universes that have become a reality scenario and concepts such as losing, finding, searching into a dialectic that he elevates on his shoulders."

Studio’s Lost&Found can be visited at Piramid Sanat until May 31th.

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