Graffiti is about, leaving one’s mark to the world. It’s about saying insistently something to people who, expect nothing from you. It’s like the earthly version of leaving message in the bottle to the ocean. Graffiti has provocation in it, it has wit, humor, enigma, boldness and daring. The graffiti guy never takes a permission from anybody. He uses guerilla hit-and-run tactics. The nature of the act, carries within itself the risk of being caught even arrested! In the first moment of the birth of graffiti, there was the man who once made that first move of leaving a mark on the walls of a cave. He was the most important of all the artist that ever lived, including Leonardo or Picasso. He existed. He had a face, a height, a life; he was the greatest of us all. Because he triggered everything: Graffiti, painting and all the endless adventure that followed. We called him Graffoman. This book came to life while following the marks of Graffoman and his friends and all that followed, as well as all the marks I left in the mean streets of New York in 80’s -bordering to the 90’s. Starting from the first caves to Pompeii, from WWII till the 68 Generation’s naughtiness, from the shameful Berlin Wall till the walls of the most hype galleries, from the marks I left in the heart of SoHo, the center of New York’s art life, to the 21st Century’s star Banksy or the rompy boys of the Karaköy district in İstanbul, you will find the story and the images of this tough world in this book.

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