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  • Painting and Sculpture Museum, Ankara
  • Painting and Sculpture Museum, Istanbul
  • Istanbul Modern Museum, Istanbul
  • Sabancı Museum, Istanbul
  • DEMSA Museum, Istanbul
  • Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Deutsche Bank Collection, Germany
  • Pinacotheque de Paris Museum, Paris
  • French Tenis Federation Museum, Paris
  • Taiwan National Art Park Museum, Taiwan
  • Lavignes Collection, Paris
  • Prince Murat, Paris
  • Peter-Annette Nobel Collection, Switzerland
  • Ashkenazy Collections, Los Angeles
  • Sanders Collection, New York
  • Goodstein Collection, New York
  • Eugene Golub Collection, Chicago
  • Per Setterberg Collection, Switzerland
  • Marco Bellini Collection, Milano
  • Gustavo Guimaraes Collection, London
  • Lord Thamnlow Collection, London
  • Ferdi Taygan Collection, Los Angeles
  • Rafael Toledo Collection, Switzerland
  • Bertrand Caradet Collection, Paris
  • Mr. Glory Collection, Tayvan
  • Selin & Yaman Tunaoğlu Collection, Ankara

Bedri Baykam's Works Can be Found at:

  • Opera Gallery
  • Frank Pages Gallery
  • Lahd Gallery London
  • Krampf Gallery New York
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