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Boyanın Beyni

Published in 1990, in Turkish. 340 pages. A brief general look at Modern and Contemporary Art, as well as several articles around Post-Modernism and the birth of New Expressionism. Also contains personal reflections on the American Art scene and Baykam's life in the USA in the eigties.

Price : $12

Geçici Anlar, Kalıcı Tatlar
(Fleeting Moments, Enduring Delights)

Published in 1996, in Turkish. 291 pages. Bedri Baykam's accounts about his personal art journeys, New York, Paris, Holland, Tunisia, Spain etc. It also includes several of his manifestos.



Maymunların Resim Yapma Hakkı (Türkçe Basım)

1999, P 329 . Monkeys' Right to Paint in Turkish Version.



27 Mayıs İlk Aşkımızdı
(May 27 Was Our First Love)

Published in 1994, 347 Pages. Baykam's in depth research about the reasons and how-abouts of the Revolution of May 27, 1960. Several interviews with politicians, militaries, journalist and youth leaders from thelast years of the 50's.

Ödünsüz Laik Türkiye (Secular Turkey Without Concession)

Published in 1995, 191 Pages.Selection from Baykam's political articles published from 1989 to 1994. A fresh look at Kemalism with harsh answers to its critics, the Islamists and the "Second Republicans"

68'li Yıllar - Eylemciler

Published in 1998 620 pages. The Story of the 68 Generation through the accounts of ex-militants involved in serious ambushes (Ertu•rul K¸rkÁ¸) or Kidnappings (Kamil Dede) etc. A sparkling pulse of the decade that shaped the second half of the century. Many insights into the life of Deniz Gezmiœ, the legendary hero of the Turkish left.

Küba Ve Bin Yılın Süvarisi Che . (Che the Condottiere of the Millenium)

Published in 2000, 156 pages. "K¸ba ve Binyilin S¸varisi Che" (Cuba and the Condottiere of the Millenium, Che) 1999. by Imge Kitabevi Yay›nlar›. A very personal story of Che in a short book of 130 pages, with the best anectodes from his personal life as well as his activism as a guerilla and a politician.


Korku İmparatorluğuna Son

The story of Bedri Baykam’s struggle for the precidency of CHP, (The Turkish Social Democrat Party) in 2003. The book gives details about the shamefull illegal last minute changes done in the constitution of the party against Baykam’s candidacy. The book includes Baykam’s Presidential speech.
ISBN 975-8554-13-1, 310 Pages. Size 13,5x19,5

Price : $15


Avrupa Biletiyle Tahran'a!

Bu Kitap Sadece 30 Dakikada, Akp’yi Deşifre Edecek Ve Hangi Partiye Oy Vereceğinizi Etkileyecek…

Bu kitabı derhal alın, aldırın ve çevrenize yayın, 22 temmuz seçimlerini doğrudan etkileyin. “şeriatçılık tehdidi abartılıyor” ya da “bir bardak suda fırtına koparılıyor” diyenlere uyandırıcı tokat gibi bir yapıt!




Ah Abi İlhanı Da Bi Oynatsalardı (Oh I Wish They Made Ilhan Play)

Published by Piramid in 2002 The Full story of The successfull turkish National Football team that won the third place in World Cup in Korea and Japon. An extensive game analysis with also excerpts from other critics. Contains also a fast forward account about the sudden raise of turkish football over the last two decades.

Biçimleme Görsel Algının Gelışim Sorunları ve
Bedri Baykam
(Form Giving, the Problems of the Development of Perception and Bedri Baykam)

A book by Kayihan Keskinok, explaining in detail the works of the "Wunderking" 1964. 114 pages, in Turkish.


Price : $20

Boya Dışı ve Ötesi Bedri Baykam

Bedri Baykam Behind and Beyond Paint” is also like a documentary photopgrahic strip about how Turkish Contemporary Art succeeded in breaking up it’s conservative molds step by step to be able to reach the free position of today.
The Book “Bedri Baykam Behind and Beyond Paint” that was published by Piramid, brings together all the installations, happenings, live-art actions, graffities in a wonderful color edition of 304 pages.
The book also carries in dept articles about Baykam of world famous art historians such as Hasan Bülent Kahraman, Beral Madra, Levent Çalıkoğlu, Patrick Wright, Nelson di Maggio. Printed in English, the Turkish translations of the article. ($ 35)

Price : $35)

Monkeys' Right to Paint

Published in 1994, in English. 320 pages. The story of Bedri Baykam's big struggle against the western art Establishment's one sided history making and prejudices. With all his manifestos and main articles with sharp comments. In his own words " The fight of a cultural guerilla for the rights of non-western artists and the empty world of the neo-ready mades". (The second part of the book is called "The Post-Duchamp Crisis") "Monkey's, taranslated and published in Turkish in 1999 by the same publisher, "Maymunlar›n Resim Yapma Hakkı Literatur.

Price : $20

Dönemin Rengi
(The Color of the Era)

Published in 1997, in Turkish. 382 pages, Articles on art, politics, environment, and many portraits of artistic figures from Lennon to Schnabel, G¸lery¸z to Semiha Berksoy. The book also includes Baykam's long essay on "Picasso and his Lovers" as well a his artistic polemical struggles versus some critics.


Binyıl Kırılması
(The Millenium Crack)

Published in 2002. 463 pages. A general onlook to the past millenium, as well as the next, with subsequent articles ranging from litterature (A critique of Nedim Gürsel’s novels) to politics (An analysis of the big forward leap made by the Turkish intellectual scene with the revolution of 1960) from the relation of science and art to the futuristic expectencies of the next millenum.


Mustafa Kemaller Görev Başına (Mustafa Kemal's on Duty Now)

Published in 1994. 303 Pages. Baykam's through research on Kemalism. Several interviews with journalists and Scholars about Kemalism through out the century.

Gözleri Hep Üzerimizde
(His Eyes Rest Always on Us)

Published in 1997, 254 Pages. Selections from Baykam's articles published from 1995 to 1997. Answers to pro-kurdish intellectuals and redefining Kemalism towards the end of the century.




68'li Yıllar - Tanıklar

Published in 1999 334 pages. 2nd Volume. (First part, published in 1998: "68'li Yillar, Eylemciler"-The Years of 68, the activists-) The story of the famous "Years of 68" this time being told by the politicans, journalists, Army generals and family members of the activist students.

Ordu Satranç Oynarken (When the army Plays Chess)

Published in 2001 by Piramid. A book proving the undemocratic behaviors of the islamists and their provocation to terror. Abook that goes deep in the recent history. Newspaper excerpts and that criticizes not only the islamists and the "second republicans" but also the Turkish left and its current "passé" leaders.


This book comes out at an era, when Kemalism is under great censorship and is presented as a movement that is the left over of the 1930’s. From the war in Iraq to the analysis of Turkish elections, from the relations of Atatürk and art, to the revolutionary progresists lines of the may 27 Revolution and the 68 generation, this book is the long and restless social, ideological and political struggle of Kemalism.

Tel: 0212-292 73 00
ISBN 975628821-3,
273 pages, Size 13,5x19,5 cm.
Price: 15.000.000 TL

Fiyatı : $15

Kemik (The bone. published in december 2000 by Piramid.)

Baykam’s unbelievable novel that predicted the New York 11 september tragedy 10 months ahead! First banned on April 2001, later acquitted on november of the same year, the Bone has already become a cultbook in Turkey. The way you view the world will change once you read this ground shaking, taboo-breaking novel which reflects the pulse of our times.


Ben Hiçbirşeyim Ama Herşeyim I'm Nothing, but I'm Everything

"I'm Nothing, but I'm Everything" by Boyut Publishing Group. 480 pages. Color. Hard Cover. Monography about the work of Bedri Baykam covering the years 1959-1999 With special essays by Beral Madra, Levent «alikoglu, Mehmet Erg¸ven, and excerpts from articles by Peter Selz, Talat Halman, ÷zdemir Altan, Hasan B¸lent Kahraman, Vas›f Kortun and many others. The illustrated history of the whole career of Bedri Baykam with over 700 photos and color slides of artworks. His book includes the video-cd of the documentary film on the life and work of Bedri Baykam, directed by American filmmaker Stefan Svetiev (1999). The short version of 57 minutes is included in this book. The main film is 110 minutes and comes in English and Turkish versions. This documentary includes images from Baykam's artistic, political and personal life, between 1959 and 1999 as well as interviews with critics friends and family of the artist.

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