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munch - a life


Bedri Baykam
Works From The Last Decade



March 7-April 7, 2018
National Academy of Art of Ukraine


One of Turkey’s most well known international contemporary artists Bedri Baykam has just started a show lasting till April 7, 2018.  Baykam is also one of the top names as a defender of secularism democracy and human rights in Turkey.
The exhibition covers Bedri Baykam’s conceptual, canvas and 4D  (lenticular) works from the last decade, with 18 pieces from the series ‘The Voyeur of History’, ‘EmptyFrame’ and the  ‘4Ds’.


“Bedri rises as an antidote and shows the marvelous, the beautiful, the miraculous,
and therefore, even though in pain and in tragedy, there is always an ever present symbol of freedom, there is also always the possibilities of hope and reconciliation but he senses it in a different dimension, the dimension in which time interact with interplays. What Bedri says, is that the time is not linear, time can be multidimensional and therefore art must be multidimensional. Beyond Picasso, beyond Cubism, beyond surrealism, Bedri has synthesized all those various movements and projected it much farther into the human vision because now, the master has arrived; the master has arrived like a full moon in the sky whose brilliance will shine over humanity.”
-Mamade Kadreebux (Dream Captions ‘4D’ Catalog, 2009)


“This factor does not only come out in Baykam’s paintings but also in Baykam’s activism and in his articles. In all these reconstructions, exhibitions dedicated to Van Gogh and Munch, although it has never been necessary, Baykam produces answers to the accumulation brought by a different culture, through the language he developed and cross-section he took from a whole different culture.
While he criticizes Western hegemony intensely he also embraces Western culture. The reason why he returns to Duchamp and associates the irony Duchamp himself has created is because of this intercultural interaction urge.”
-Hasan Bülent Kahraman (The Voyeur of History Catalog, 2013)

“There’s an age-old question that has bedeviled artist ever since Praxiteles painted his ultra-realistic grapes: Is the picture plane a window onto illusory reality, or is it a solid impenetrable flat surface? Duchamp blanked out a window to drive home the trenchant point of his era. Much later, he secretly created “Étant Donnés,” a last peephole glimpse back to the time before modernism -or perhaps to a time yet to come. Bedri Baykam, while dealing with the proverbial picture plane and the insolvable paradox that has plagued the act of painting ever since the birth of Western art, reconfigures the eternal dilemma of art. He dares to reopen the window that modernism slammed shut.”
-Kim Levin (‘on EmptyFrame’ Art News, and RH+ in Turkey- July 2013)

National Academy of Art of Ukraine
Bulvarno-Kudryavskaya  Str. 20 
Kiev, 01054


For more information:
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