ART is: "... To clean your hands on your pants. To be a naughty boy. To scare the establishment. To be liked by the bourgeoisie 51 years later. To live every day as Saturday. To find a blue sun. To find a totally new color called "Teota". To create while you make love. To consider "being sworn to" as "pride" and to be attacked as "the proof of power". To think that you are the best while you feel insufficient. To dare. To push upon things. Not to become prisoner of one's self. To document passing moments. To impress beautiful women and intelligent people. To caress and to slap the critics. Forever search for an exit in a labyrinth without one. To make a huge painting over the ocean. To walk over the ocean and leave marks. Not to hide your weapons for tomorrow. To be ready for big victories and big defeats. Not to let them get used to you. To fool the devil. To destroy reached goals. To live a Love Story after 102 years. To set the standards. To create gossip. To be hard headed. to be insolent. To create history. To knead history. To be the compulsory friend of Dinosaurs. To wipe out the racists. Not to leave "bills" on your back. To be "odd". To use money as oxygen or toilet paper, according to the day. To watch thick ropes break from their thin ends. To get poisoned from paint. To overflow from inside the time to outside. To watch the genetic evolution of your thought process. To feed the stomach. To dress a painting the way you undress a girl. Even when talking about the moment, to know that what matters is only "actions in space". To decide not to go on vacation. To refuse reincarnation. To sign. To love one's signature.

Bedri Baykam, June 1987.​

No stopping now, go on with the violence & threats!

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The government still doesn’t understand what’s going on!!!

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